STOP pinning Spam on Pinterest

I've started noticing a horrible trend on Pinterest lately. Spam is beginning to run wild. Not from the companies themselves but by bribes offered to users. Bribes that go to a link, that once clicked infects your computer.

I first noticed a few days ago, when these started popping up everywhere. I didn't think much of it, I think I reported a few of them as spam. I like the users comment here, "why not?". Why? How about because this is place for friends to share and learn, it's not a billboard to be plastered with advertising.

Still I didn't mind much even though there were a lot of these pins. I figured they would die out pretty quickly, and they did.

But then...

Now it's Starbucks turn.

What's worse? People pin them on boards that don't make sense.

Books worth reading, really are you going to read your coffee cup and call it a book? Will you recommend it to your local library?

Tattoos, are you really going to get a tattoo of "visit"?

It would appear that many of these "ads" are not even legitimate but a classic bait and switch for luring people into clicking. Be especially wary of clicking on links offering freebies, you may just be infecting your computer. To discourage spam please report pins as spam. Or alternatively add a comment to the spam pins like "They don't work, please stop spamming Pinterest." or a link to this post  or just comment"Spam". Raising awareness of the scams will be the best way to stop them.
Please help keep Pinterest spam free. Don't pin spam and please report spam pins for deletion.

 If you feel the same repin this.

Latest Pinterest Spam


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