Pocket Pallet Garden

My whitewash pallet garden from last year was ready for spring planting. I decided to tweak the planting structure this year to lessen soil erosion when watering. The result is a garden made up of a series of pockets.

This is last year's garden, looking sad and slightly reproachful. 

I started by emptying all of last year's soil out, then removing most of the old landscaping fabric.

Pocket construction was simple rectangles of landscaping fabric doubled over for extra strength. I started by stapling one end to the backside of the front facing board. 

Then I over zealously stapled each side for support. As you can see here I ended up with some bunching of fabric on most of the pockets, the stiff fabric reminded me all to well of my gift wrapping failures. I then covered the back with a full sheet of fabric for aesthetic purposes (to cover my wrinkly pockets). 

Next I took the soil from last year and gave it a good dose of fertilizer then filled each pocket. I ended up with quite a bit left over but I'll be using some as filler when the dirt settles more. This year I planted french marigolds and petunias.

So far the comparisons to last year are good. There was no need to wait a few weeks for roots to grow before going vertical and it's much easier to move! things I'm concerned about are there is now less room for the plants to spread their roots and the different angle could make sunlight requirements challenging particularly for that bottom row. I'll update as the season progresses!

I lost some marigolds, too little sunlight I think. I added in shade loving impatiens to replace them. Other than that the garden is flourishing, and I'm not having all the erosion issues I did last year.


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