Cat Silhouette Window Mosaic

I'm sprucing up the rest of my windows with more wash off mosaics. This time I'm experimenting with a silhouette over an chunky ombré background.

I started with the cat silhouette, cut roughly free hand and then made slight modifications as I went along. I used three pieces instead of one to make it a bit more adjustable for placement on the window.

I used the same 1 part modpodge and 9 parts water solution as my original mosaic as it has held up very well. I used paint brushes, medium sized such as you would use for acrylic painting, to apply the solution.

I set the cat low on the window, right atop a crosspiece so it will appear to be on a ledge from the outside.
Then I started tearing tissue into large chunks for the background layers. Starting at the top I worked downward through four shades of vibrant greens.

The hardest part was working the background around the cat, I tore pieces to roughly meet the edges and then used the paintbrush tip to poke and refine the borders.

The last color layer I used as a horizon of sorts for the cat to sit on.

At night, from the inside.

At night from the outside.


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