The Space Bar

A little word play office decor for my boss. A little Lego astronaut tending bar in "space" at the keyboard's "space bar". It's cliche geek but still uber cute.

The original inspiration came from this picture which my boss loved. I've been trying very hard to track down the source. If anyone can tell me the artist I would really appreciate it!

I based this off the spray paint space scenes you see street artists make. Like this video.

I watched a lot of videos and spent a good bit of time practicing on paper before moving on to a practice keyboard and then finally to the actual product. 

I did passably well I think.

Next I popped off the space bar and used keys from the practice keyboard to build a "bar".
I added some floating bottles with a bit of hot glue.

Then I added the little Lego Astronaut Bartender with wine glass.

and I used hot glue to give the impression of a floating liquid.

The Space Bar


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