Enormous Window Mosaic

This DIY window art has the appeal of stained glass without the price, it's so easy kids can help and best of all it comes off with just a bit of water.

The idea for this project came to me last summer, I planned and tested it in the fall, and finally finished it now as we enter spring.

My living room has a large glass sliding door entrance to the patio. Don't mind the chair that's a coming project I'm working on.

My patio doors are right in front of a well used walk way, and while I enjoy natural light I don't particularly enjoy strange eyes on me in my living room. You can see a bit of the walk way's wrought iron bridge in the picture there.

I wanted something to let the light in but effectively block the view and I wanted it to look nice and me.

Initially I considered buying a window film like this "Clematis Decorative Window Film" from Home Depot. At $23 for 2'x3' it was a lot more than I wanted to spend. Not to mention I've been seeing these films everywhere so it wouldn't be very interesting. I like a unique flare to my decorations so I began exploring options.

I really wanted something inexpensive, adaptable and most importantly easy to remove since I'm renting. Tissue paper was something that came to mind but I'd never heard of anyone doing something like that. I began testing with a small piece wetted with water, it stayed on for several days and peeled off easily.

I thought I'd found my solution but to my frustration I found large areas would not stay put. They fluttered off as they dried. So next I tried so mod podge water solutions, I settled on 1 part mod podge and 9 parts water. It's just right for keeping the tissue in place, but not enough to leave a high gloss finish. Since mod podge is water soluble mistakes and design changes are as simple as adding water.

Here is the outline of my initial design, just a simple tree with bare branches.

Beginning to apply the tissue.. 

The tree is completed.

Then I began adding swirls of color. 

 The best technique I found was to use a paintbrush to apply the modpodge water solution directly to the glass. Then carefully place the next few pieces of tissue and the swipe the paintbrush over them again. It's important that every piece of tissue thoroughly absorbs the solution or it will peel off later.
This is where extra hands really come in handy. Kids should have little trouble filling in tissue where the outlines are already formed.

Finally the finished work, this is how my patio doors look with the early evening light shining through.

And here it is at night lit up from inside...

and here is the view from the walkway at night

I'm so very happy with the end result it's like a giant canvas or colorful accent wall. It really dominates the living room and draws the eye. Even better is the constant change in the art as the light of day comes and goes. I'm thinking of doing the same thing with my bedroom window, maybe with a cherry blossom tree.


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