Baking Cup Daisies Wall Art

More wall flowers today, these ones are made form push pins, large and small baking cups, spray paint and doilies.

Each flower is made of two baking cups, the top one crinkled into a pleasing fashion and the bottom laid nearly flat with a bright yellow pushpin through the middle.

Light Box

I built a light box, it's fairly rudimentary but works well! I've been needing one both for the blog and my etsy shop. I think I'll be making a few adjustments, higher wattage and maybe another tissue panel.

New Wall Flowers

Time for new flowers, I wanted something more cheery. These were easy to make and look darling.

Black, white, gray and yellow seem to be all the rage lately and I for one love it! That sunshine pop of color in a grey scale world is really eye-catching.


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