Library Rainbow

I love books, no kindle for me because I can't bear parting with my paper friends. As any book lover knows though, they tend to take over the house. I love seeing well stocked bookshelves but they make a room seem so busy, almost messy. I found this little bit of inspiration, and now my books are their own decor.

Glass Tile Fridge Magnets

This is an awesome project that only takes about an hour. These magnets are great for leaving notes, playing word games, or just looking pretty.

Personalized Clothespins

Clothespins are useful for a myriad of things from closing chip bags, to seatbelt adjuster, to clothes even. This is the inspirational tutorial, I used the exact same ink and a similar stamp set for the set below.

So here's a great idea personalize with initials and stylize them with a stamp set. It's quick, cute, thrifty and practical.

Bookpage Flower Key Holders

This one was a group project and turned out wonderful. Here's the original inspiration tutorial. I wanted something a little more so I added a board for backing and pen as you can never find one when you need it.

Pallet Garden

My patio decorations started from this post at life on the balcony about how to make a gorgeous pallet garden. I added my own twist of course but it's the same essentially. I started with a large pallet, and sanded it down to prep for painting. Not too smooth as I wanted a slightly rustic feel. Then I scattered large stickers over the front. I recommend getting raised stickers as they are easier to peel off.

Broken Chair Upcycled to Patio Seating

I took an old broken dining room chair and upholstered it to be vanity seating, but my new place doesn't have the space for it.

I considered throwing it out when it occurred to me that a waterproof cover would turn it into a perfectly serviceable patio stool. Cheap, pretty and easy solution?

Simple Wall Print

Mirror removal was surprisingly difficult.
Here's the inspirational tutorial for this project. I used an old mirror for mine, popped the mirror out for the frame. I've got another project planned for the mirror itself but that's for another day.


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