Spiraled Diaper Cake

Apologies for the late posting this week, Christmas, work, a cold, and baby showers have taken a toll. Speaking of baby showers here is the darling diaper cake my sister and I made for our soon to arrive nephew.

We used instructions from here. It's not a traditional diaper cake as you don't roll individual diapers. This makes it more practical for the mom-to-be as the diapers can be removed in a stack instead of unrolling each one individually.

We started by wrapping a stiff piece of cardboard and attaching a gift wrap tube with a glue gun and reinforced with tape.

Then using a cake pan for shaping we made the bottom tier with 30 diapers secured with 2 rubberbands.

25 diapers on the second layer, and just 5 for the final. We wrapped wide ribbon around each layer to cover the rubber bands and secured them with straight pins.

Then we trimmed down the tube and added bouquet in it.

Added a selection of binkys, booties, toys, ribbon bows, etcetera.

It's so bright and cheery, I love it!


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