Halloween Spider Footstool

A bonus Halloween post, this is the 4th incarnation of my old chair, from dining room chair, to vanity seat, to patio, and now the spider foot stool.

This was made with some old buttons, electrical fencing wire, black yarn, stuffing, and two king size pillow shams that were... fuzzy, almost furry. Perfect for a creepy tarantula look.

First step was painting the legs black, then I stapled the sham over the old upholstery. This pillow sham has the opening in the middle, I attached it just right so the opening would sit at the edge of the seat.

Then pushed stuffing into the case above the seat and filled the hanging side to the brim.

Next I tied yarn around the middle of the sham, very tightly, and againg at the very end for the spider's "head". I used the flap edge of the sham for a "mouth".

Here I attached the four additional legs. They are made of electrical fencing wire, that you can buy it by the 1/4 mile at your local hardware store. I doubled the wire to make it more posable. then wrapped it with strips of the second pillow sham, tied off with more black yarn.

Finally I cut two triangles from a balloon and superglued them into the mouth, and the two button eyes.

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