I've been unwell all week, hence the missed post  Wednesday and delayed post today. My brain is a bit too sick addled to take on a project so I'm going to take this chance to share one of my favorite webtools.

Halloween Spider Footstool

A bonus Halloween post, this is the 4th incarnation of my old chair, from dining room chair, to vanity seat, to patio, and now the spider foot stool.

Giant Halloween Wreath

I made a humongous wreath for Halloween, it cost about $3. Supplies- One large piece of foam pipe insulation from local hardware store, less than $2, 1 can of orange spray paint $1, and all the plastic shopping bags stuffed under my kitchen sink.

Kid's DIY Maraca

This is a kid's diy maraca with a bird design, very simple and quick construction. You probably even already have all the necessary supplies.

Geometric Flower Vase

I broke my flower vase this week, so I picked up a new one at a local thrift store. Plain glass with a pleasing urn shape. I wanted to make it unique though.

Coraline Art

Today is a bit of festive art from one of my favorite movies, Coraline! I love this movie, if you haven't seen please give it a try although I warn it's definitely on the odd side. I was going for a minimalist movie poster look, like these.


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