New Wall Flowers

Time for new flowers, I wanted something more cheery. These were easy to make and look darling.

Black, white, gray and yellow seem to be all the rage lately and I for one love it! That sunshine pop of color in a grey scale world is really eye-catching.

Here's how I did it-

My three colors of felt, sharp scissors and a sewing kit.

I cut four petals out and threaded each exactly as above.

 Then pulled the thread taut squishing the petals into a little flower and tying off the thread. It took only a little pinching and prodding to get the petals exactly the way I wanted.

Then I repeated with a different color and larger petals, twice.

After I had three flowers of different colors in progressively larger sizes, I stacked and attached them. By pulling the thread through the middle of the largest two flowers and then a stitch on the back of the smallest flower. Then I pulled the needle back through the larger flowers middle added another stitch in the back and tied it off.

I'm happy with these flowers, I think I'll be keeping them awhile, to see the original tutorial for the flower wall art click here.


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