Light Box

I built a light box, it's fairly rudimentary but works well! I've been needing one both for the blog and my etsy shop. I think I'll be making a few adjustments, higher wattage and maybe another tissue panel.

Here's the construction, I started with an old moving box and attempted to spray paint it but the weather wasn't cooperating. So I went with an interior latex instead. I cut panels out of the sides to cover with white tissue paper for light diffusion. and cleaned up all the edges with doubled over masking tape.

I painted the whole thing white and tucked in a white poster board for the backdrop. Some strategic placement of worklights and I started snapping photos. I put all the lights on a single power strip by themselves so I can just flip the power strip switch for all the lights.

The photos below are untouched save for cropping on the right side photos.

So pretty and so easy! Note the tissue paper panels visible in the un-cropped photos on the left also you can see my teeny yellow lady bug clothespins holding the poster board in place.


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