T Shirt Upcycled to Bag

This is a sentimental piece for a friend of mine. He loves snowboarding and had a particularly good time on a trip to Purgatory, Colorado. This shirt is a souvenir from said trip, which made this project a bit nerve wracking as I really didn't want to mess this up. 

First I removed the sleeves, leaving the seams to act as support for the bag handles.  Then I used a plate and a fabric pencil to mark the bag opening just under the collar, I only marked the front, cut that and then cut the back using the front as a guide.

I then pulled the shirt inside out and sewed the front and back together along the bottom of the shirt. I sewed this by hand as my sewing machine is on the fritz. Using a strong thread I went over the seam three times, it's important that this seam be strong as it will be the bottom of the bag.

Next I flattened the bottom seam out and sewed across each corner so the bag would have a flat bottom.

All done!


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