Upcycled Patio Drink Table

I love my patio seat and garden but I needed a table to set drinks on. This was a quick, simple and oh so inexpensive solution.

I started saving aluminum cans for the stand and used an old picture frame for the top. In the making materials included rubber bands to hold while the glue dried, sand for weight, spray paint, and copious amounts of glue.

I set the stand up as three columns with four tiers in a triangle shape. I weighted the bottom three cans and then one can in each tier after, a different column each tier. I filled the cans a little over a quarter full.


More Glue
I used a lot of glue, if you try this glue it like crazy, then when you think you have enough glue more. I used a hot glue gun and some assistance from my favorite super glue.

I glued in the middle of the cans, along their touching sides and large amounts between the tops and bottoms of each tier. The smoothed super glue around the tops and bottoms to further seal and adhere each tier to the next.

Careful to remove all glue gun wispy bits before moving on to painting. While near translucent before once painted they become glaringly obvious.

Then on to spray paint, the frame is easy as can be just remove the glass first and it's ready to go.  The fabric is left over tablecloth from my patio seat project. I used the glass to mark out the amount of fabric to cut. Then more glue to secure the frame to the stand.

All Done!


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