Okami Mountain Wall Art

Cover Art

This is an older project that was inspired by the PS2, and now Wii game Okami. The game is incredibly beautiful, more akin to art than design. I got the idea to make one of the mountains from the game, which are simple brushstrokes, you can see one in the top right of the screen shot below.

Actual Screenshot of Gameplay
My tools were black pushpins, a ton of black yarn, and black paper. There is not set way to do this, and even with help it's difficult. I spent a lot of time stepping back to view the work as a whole. Eventually  it all came together even better than I imagined.

Some of the picture quality isn't wonderful, I apologize. The paper in the middle is a hand drawn template of the mountain I wanted to reproduce, with a few minor adjustments.

Just Starting Out

Black Paper Filler

 All Done!
This was a very gratifying project. To those who haven't heard of Okami before this please try it. It's fun, family friendly, adventure game that is amazing to see.


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