Dining Table Upgrade Part 1

Yet another idea I've been toying with for awhile. This one will take a few days for the table itself and more for the chairs later. I have a beautiful wood table that has seen better days. the top is some form of laminate and so has withstood time fairly well, the rest of the table and the chairs, not so much. I considered refinishing it all but when it comes down to it I'd really prefer something lighter.

I'm in love with white spaces and small bright splashes of color. It occurred to me that the wood itself could be my splash of color, the rest is mostly winging it, I had a general idea of what I wanted but couldn't form a concrete plan.

This is my dining room table and the supplies for this project.

I went to the local Sherwin Williams and received a good deal of help from the knowledgeable and attentive staff. Since my table gets only light use this latex should be sufficient, and I'm told this primer would allow you to paint glass if you so desired, so the laminate should be no trouble.

Lots of painters plastic, my dining room looks ready for Dexter. I'm a messy painter, this plastic is my saving grace. The ugly paper taped to the table is contact paper from the dollar store. I'll be using it to cut my designs for that splash of color.

Wasn't really sure what I wanted, so I just started cutting with an exacto. I had the notion of vines, leaves and maybe flowers.

When I got to this point it felt done. I used my scissors to even out the cut outs and refine their shapes.

Began applying the cutouts, slight rearranging as I went.

Cutouts in place and ready to begin priming.

I went around the cut outs first and then lightly filled in around them, it's important the paint isn't to thick over them later.

A full coat on the laminate, we'll see how it dries and pick up again tomorrow!


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