Five Things You Should be Doing to Make Every Day Better

Protein is best!
1 Eat breakfast, we've all heard it a million times, so why aren't you doing it? Everyone from Harvard to the National Weight Control Registry agrees, eat breakfast. If you just don't have time to cook at least drink a shake like the Myoplex below. It comes out to about $3 each meal and will change your whole day.

Benefits of breakfast are wide ranged and include improved concentration, faster weight loss, lower cholesterol, and more. Make the commitment now, and make it easy on yourself. Pick one thing you can eat every morning, be that oatmeal, a shake, fruit, or bacon and eggs; pick it and stick to it for one week. You'll see the improvements every day.

Stretch, easy, fast and it feels oh so good. This one is especially important if you spend all day sitting at a desk. Get up for minute stretch out your arms and legs to improve your circulation and give yourself a quick pick-me-up.

Meditate, preferably 20 minutes a day but even 5 minutes will give you a marked reduction in stress. Like eating breakfast the benefits of meditation are staggering- pain relief, objectivity, focus, even peace of mind. Everyone can squeeze 5 minutes into their day for this, so do it. Set a time each day for you, breathe deep, let go of all your thoughts and worries, and just be.

Buy Flowers, everyone, not just the ladies. According to a Rutgers University study, flowers bring about positive, happy emotions and a general sense of well-being about life. Trust me it works, putting beautiful things around you makes life more beautiful. I recommend the Alstroemeria, you can pick up a big bushel for around five dollars at big box stores like Walmart. Properly cared for with regular water changes and trimming they'll last about 2 weeks.

5 Eat Almond Butter, right before bed, it will keep your blood sugar up for a great night's sleep and a perfect morning. Say bye bye to cranky mornings with this easy fix, 2 teaspoons of almond butter on celery sticks. I recommend Maranatha Natural Almond Butter.


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