Pallet Garden

My patio decorations started from this post at life on the balcony about how to make a gorgeous pallet garden. I added my own twist of course but it's the same essentially. I started with a large pallet, and sanded it down to prep for painting. Not too smooth as I wanted a slightly rustic feel. Then I scattered large stickers over the front. I recommend getting raised stickers as they are easier to peel off.

like so
Next two light coats of white spray paint, to give it a white washed look. If you do this on your patio, as I did, I recommend covering everything in painters plastic; it's the easiest clean up ever. After the paint dried I peeled the stickers off to let the wood shine through.

Next step was stapling 6 layers of landscaping fabric across the back and bottom of the pallet. I believe my pallet is larger than the one used in the original tutorial so I compensated by using 3 times the fabric and a whole lot more staples. I'm very glad I did, as is when I turned it upright there was still some minor sagging of the fabric toward the bottom of the pallet due to the sheer weight of soil.

Then I loaded it up with two large bags of miracle gro moisture control soil and a collection of flowers, ivy, and decorative grass. I didn't pack the plants in as tightly as recommended in the tutorial. I wish I had because I had to be very careful watering for the first few weeks so as not to wash the soil away before the roots could spread properly.

I let the garden sit flat for about 2 weeks before going vertical, but keep on a slight angle even now. It's thriving even in this heatwave, over 100 degrees every day for a month now. I water everyday starting at the top, by the time I get to the last row enough has usually trickled down that I can skip it. When heat wave breaks I'll got to watering once every other day.

Kitchen copper hanging basket into a planter- I love hanging baskets but didn't have space for this one in my kitchen so I've repurposed it for a mini spice garden.

Add a few circles of landscaping fabric and some soil, sage and rosemary plants, with a lily at the bottom.

It turned out lovely, I may try to move this one inside, (over the sink) when it gets cold out. It's so nice to have fresh herbs around. Be sure to take a look at the chair, patio table and matching stool I made .
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