Library Rainbow

I love books, no kindle for me because I can't bear parting with my paper friends. As any book lover knows though, they tend to take over the house. I love seeing well stocked bookshelves but they make a room seem so busy, almost messy. I found this little bit of inspiration, and now my books are their own decor.

Not terribly attractive
I wanted to make new shelves for this, something unique and whimsical, so I brought together an odd assortment of tables, drawers, and even a dresser. I stacked them all together until I found a shape I liked and it came out looking like this. To tie all the pieces together I wanted to paint everything one solid color, that wouldn't clash with the rainbow.

Coat one
I highly recommend covering everything in the room with painter's plastic, it's very inexpensive and will save you so much time and money for clean up of any accidents!

Second Coat

And finally the third coat

The solid color blends all the furniture styles together harmoniously.
After letting the paint dry for several days it was on to organizing, and then reorganizing and more reorganizing. Expect to spend a lot of time staring at your books and making minute changes for the next few days.

I noticed some people in the inspiration post were concerned about not being able to find a book, I honestly haven't found that to be a problem, even better though by not organizing them by type ore author I occasionally stumble on an old favorite that might otherwise have stayed on the shelf. Perhaps best of all though is waking up to a wall of beautiful books every day.

 I added various small decor items such as vases, candles, gold bangles and even a glass heart, each in the appropriate color of course. The end effect is stunning.


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