Glass Tile Fridge Magnets

This is an awesome project that only takes about an hour. These magnets are great for leaving notes, playing word games, or just looking pretty.

  • Glass Tiles, any home improvement store or website with decorative tile should do fine. 
  • Magnets, I recommend "super strong" magnets. You can use a roll of magnet tape but be prepared to pick them up off the floor a lot.
  • Lettering, use either stickers with a coat of modpodge or my preference, a set of stamps inked with Stayz On Ink.
  •  Hot glue gun or your favorite super glue.

The tiles come on a convenient grid to hold them in place, I recommend leaving them there until you finish lettering. They pop off easily and keeps everything organized so you don't have to wonder how many v's you used. I went heavy on the vowels with 2-3 of most consonants. 

The game I made up for them goes as so, each color has the exact same letters for a word competition. Two players each has their own color, play words off eachother's words turn by turn, until they can play no more. Any leftover letters count against a player, lowest score wins. You can decide how much each letter is worth, or use the Scrabble point system as a basis. I like this game because you can play over the course of days, makes for a good game between busy roommates and something fun to do whilst munching a snack.

I used hot glue to attach my magnets, it's very effective, I've had no separation of tiles from magnets.

Beautiful, right?


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