Bookpage Flower Key Holders

This one was a group project and turned out wonderful. Here's the original inspiration tutorial. I wanted something a little more so I added a board for backing and pen as you can never find one when you need it.

The project started with two square dividers from an old desk, I used a drill press to put in holes for the key holders and pen.

On the first, I sprayed it with a light pink and then patted it down with scrunched up newspaper to let som of the original gray show through. Then added the flowers detailed in the tutorial link above.

The flowers seemed too plain to me so I added button centers.

Next we added little black leaves and black lettering for initials.

The second went in a rather different direction of decor, solid black with high gloss.

Then we sprinkled tiny hearts punched from book pages and mod-podged them on.

Add some sparkle lettering...

A few accessories...

And we're all done!


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